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We welcome Ariful Islam to the RSP team!

We are delighted to introduce the most recent addition to our mechanical engineering team, Ariful Islam who joined RSP in March 2023. In order to get to know Ariful, we have asked him some questions that will highlight his experiences over his first 6 months with the company, and a little bit to get to know the person, outside of the work environment.

Ariful Islam

What motivates you in your career in building services?

In my career in building services, what motivates me most is the opportunity to make a tangible impact on people’s lives and the environment. I initially started in residential building services, which gave me a solid foundation in creating comfortable and efficient living spaces.

However, my transition to healthcare-related buildings has been particularly inspiring. Working on healthcare projects has added a layer of purpose to my work, knowing that the systems I design and implement directly impact patient care and well-being. I am passionate about creating sustainable and efficient solutions that enhance the functionality and comfort of healthcare facilities while reducing their environmental footprint. The ever-evolving nature of this field keeps me engaged and drives me to continuously learn and adapt, as I find it immensely satisfying to overcome the unique challenges that each healthcare project presents.

Additionally, being part of a team that collaborates to turn innovative ideas into reality is a motivating aspect of my work, as it allows me to contribute to the betterment of our built healthcare environment, ultimately improving the quality of care for patients.

What’s your favourite thing about working at RSP since joining?

Since joining RSP, my favourite aspect of working with this well-respected consultancy has been the opportunity to be part of a team that excels in delivering first-class services in a diverse range of sectors, especially healthcare & laboratories. The rich history and impressive portfolio of clients and projects, often based on repeat business and term agreements, underscore RSP’s strength and expertise in these areas.

What truly stands out to me is the collaborative environment where the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals blend seamlessly with the fresh perspectives and energy of new team members. This dynamic mix, along with the continuous focus on innovation and excellence, creates a work atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth while consistently exceeding client expectations, making it a rewarding experience to be part of the RSP team.

Have you been involved in any particular projects you really enjoyed?

I had the opportunity to work on a challenging and rewarding project involving the refurbishment of a kitchen furniture shop in Kingston Upon Thames. This project had several unique aspects that made it particularly enjoyable for me.

First and foremost, the project involved the major refurbishment of an existing retail unit converting to a medical grade facility. It was a complex project as it required working in a live residential environment where the existing building services needed to remain operational throughout the project. This presented the challenge of maintaining services to the adjoining areas, corridor lighting, and fire alarm systems while carrying out extensive renovations. We had to carefully plan and execute our work to minimize disruption to the residential services. One aspect of the project that I found particularly interesting was the need to divert existing soil and waste-water pipework from the residential areas above the retail space. This required prior approval from the landlord and careful coordination to ensure a smooth transition.

Additionally, the project included the design and coordination of various mechanical and electrical systems, including ventilation, domestic hot water services, split DX/VRV heat pumps, compressed air, and drainage. This involved 3D modelling using Revit MEP to ensure the spatial limitations of the existing building were considered at the early design stages. Managing and integrating these systems to ensure they worked efficiently and met the necessary standards was a fulfilling challenge. I also enjoyed the aspect of working with various standards and regulations, such as Health and Safety at Work legislation, HTMs, and NHS Health Technical Memoranda. Adhering to these standards was critical to ensure a safe and compliant project.

Lastly, the project had a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, as it required the installation of heat recovery units and high-efficiency systems. This allowed me to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the building while ensuring optimal performance. Overall, this project was a unique and rewarding experience due to its complexity, the need for careful coordination, and the opportunity to work on a wide range of engineering services. It allowed me to expand my knowledge and expertise, and I found it to be a very satisfying endeavour.

Do you have any specific plans for your professional future?

I have specific plans for my professional future, and one of my primary goals is to become a recognized Chartered Engineer by CIBSE. This accreditation is a testament to one’s expertise and commitment to the field of building services. To achieve this, I plan to continue my professional development by actively participating in relevant projects at RSP, gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of building services, and continuously expanding my knowledge base in areas like sustainable design, energy efficiency, and the latest technological advancements. I intend to seek mentorship and guidance from seasoned Chartered Engineers within the organization to ensure I am on the right track. I’ll also take advantage of educational resources, courses, and workshops offered by CIBSE to enhance my technical knowledge and practical skills.

Throughout this journey, I will diligently document my professional development, projects, and achievements to meet CIBSE’s rigorous requirements. Ultimately, my goal is to not only become a Chartered Engineer but also to contribute to the growth and success of RSP by applying my expertise to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients, further solidifying our position as a leading building services consultancy.

Please tell us about a couple of interests or hobbies you have outside of work, or what you like doing in your spare time.

Outside of work, I’m an enthusiastic advocate for health and fitness, with a particular passion for weightlifting and calisthenics. These activities not only keep me physically active but also serve as an excellent way to relieve stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In addition to my fitness pursuits, I have a deep appreciation for cultural immersion. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations, as it provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Whether it’s savouring local cuisine or engaging in conversations with people from various backgrounds, traveling allows me to broaden my horizons and gain a richer understanding of the world.
Moreover, I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community and dedicate some of my spare time to volunteering for charities such as the Human Appeal. This is a meaningful and rewarding endeavour that allows me to make a positive impact on the lives of others and contribute to causes I deeply care about. These multifaceted interests and activities enrich my personal life, keeping me inspired and engaged both inside and outside the workplace.