The London Clinic, Basement B3 Services and B2 Decant

The works undertaken by The RSP at the London Clinic, Duchess of Devonshire building, consisted of the refurbishment of offices on the B2 level and the removal of all electrical services to facilitate the installation of the new 3T MRI at Level B3.

Work at The London Clinic was undertaken in a phased manner, and covered a wide range of tasks for e.g.

• Isolation and strip out of existing services and the supply
• Supplied and installed the supplementary earth bonding system
• Emergency Lighting systems
• Fire Alarm systems
• Door Access control
• Testing, commissioning and putting to work
• Working, record and other drawings documented
• Training and demonstrations of all services to the clients maintenance operatives.

Project Data


The London Clinic



Project Team

Structural Engineer – Taylor Whalley Spyra

Photography Credits:

Charles Hosea Photography